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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access the sessions?

You will attend the sessions, meet our partners and gain access to valuable resources in our online conference center.

Do I need to download or install any software to be able to attend this event?

No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. the sessions will be recorded and available for free for a limited time. 


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The food and beverage industry is at a point where, thanks to digital channels, challenger brands with big ideas and genuine messages can win market share from even seriously established competitors.

Thanks to the current moment in time colored by social distancing, the importance of digital has only continued to grow.

This virtual event is exclusively designed to make sure you and your team come out ahead and on top. It includes panels on everything from product strategy to personalization. It is a smorgasbord of insider information and strategies you can succeed with, brought to you by a market research firm with over 25 years of experience.

Offering engagement opportunities to your customers as well as sense of personality through well-tuned messaging and personalization strategy means that your customers will not only love your product, but they will love your brand as well. In today's online environment where many organizations are now stress testing the experiences that they have been putting in to place over the past several years, there is a lot to overcome as well as a lot to learn.

Barbara Thau
Senior features editor
CO—by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Larry Shaw
Chief Marketing Officer

Emelie Grunzweig
Director of Insights

Amy Hanson
VP, Product Marketing

Sai Koppala
Chief Marketing Officer

Listen to industry leaders discuss their perspectives on the food and beverage industry throughout 2020 and beyond as we bring together the best in the country digitally.

Hear from your industry peers about their recent successes, as well as solution providers about the leading tools driving the food and beverage industry forward.

Since the event has multiple sessions, you select the material that makes the most sense for you and your team. 
Listen in during the live broadcast, or access the session on demand later
—once you register, it’s up to you!

The Future of Food and Beverage is Personal, Accessible, and Transparent: 
Applying Digital Lessons in 2020  

June 23-24, 2020 | 12:00-4:00pm ET



Hear Firsthand from Seasoned Food and Beverage Innovators

Get Solutions to Pressing Problems (You're not alone!)

Get a Range of Insights on the Subjects That Interest You




The Day 1 Menu

PANEL DISCUSSION: eCommerce Leadership In Today’s Market—What Is Needed During And Post COVID-19

12:00pm ET

12:02 pm ET

12:33pm ET

12:55pm ET

Driving Discoverability: How to Eliminate the Blind Spots in Your Portfolio to Unlock Millions in Missed Revenue Opportunities

Bottom’s Up! How Going Local Made Anheuser-Busch InBev the Toast of Towns Around the World

Jonathan Massoud, Divisional Director, Digital Food and Beverage 

Linda Crowder, Sales Team Lead, Peapod Digital Labs 
Steven Gmelin, Vice President Digital Sales & Strategy,

Presented by Label Insight

1:43pm ET

Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds to Create a Holistic Ecosystem for Your Customer

Adjusting To The Convenience Revolution: Getting Your Food to the Shopper Faster and More Cost Effectively

2:09pm ET

How $52 Billion Beverage Giant AB InBev Disrupted Grocery and Beverage Distribution in Emerging Markets

2:35pm ET

Welcome Remarks

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The Day 2 Menu

12:00pm ET

Welcome Remarks

12:02pm ET

12:27pm ET

1:21pm ET

FIRESIDE CHAT: Exploring Customer Loyalty Concepts within Online Grocery

Supercharging Relationships: DTC in Food and Beverage

Growing Revenue in the Sustainability Mega-Trend: 3 Ways Customer Data Can Help

12:55pm ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Conceptualizing and Implementing a Data Driven Channel Strategy for E-Commerce

3:06pm ET

New Paradigms for CPG/Retail Digital Commerce Marketing

Linda Crowder, Sales Team Lead, Peapod Digital Labs 
Rohan Panjiar, Director of Performance Marketing & Business Insights,
 Winc Wine

Jonathan Massoud, Divisional Director, Digital Food and Beverage 

1:47pm ET

FIRESIDE CHAT: Rapid Innovation: Staying Relevant in Crisis, Anticipating Market Shifts 

2:10pm ET

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

2:38pm ET

Channel Surfing - Using E-Commerce Channels Strategically

Monica Czyzyk, Bazooka Candy Brands E-Commerce Sales Lead, Topps 
Rohan Panjiar, Director of Performance Marketing & Business Insights,
 Winc Wine

Emily Buckley, Senior Director Meals Portfolio, Freshly

Matt Van Gilder, Director of Ecommerce Operations, SpartanNash Company

Mike Spindler, CEO, FultonFishMarket.Com 

3:01pm ET

5 Critical Aspects of a High Performing Direct to Consumer Strategy

Santiago Merea, CEO, Co-Founder, Raised Real

Presented by Tiger Pistol

Presented by McFadyen Digital & Adobe

Presented by Salesforce

Daniel Ingram, Global Director of Trade Innovation, Anheuser-Busch InBev 
Talia Wachtel, VP Client Management, Tiger Pistol

Thomas Kurian, Director, Industry Solutions, Arm Treasure Data

Randy Browne, Category Insights Manager, Molson Coors Beverage Company
Lindsey Garrett, Digital Marketing Manager, Kalsec
Ken Weidaw, Manager Digital & Social Strategy, Mission Foods
Jeff Bipes, Senior Director, Information Technology, Prestige Beverage Group
Ben Pryor, Director Innovation, Dewey’s Pizza
Moderator: Brian Back, Product Manager, API Enablement, Partnerships & Productization, Kroger 

Ethan Grundleger, Director of S&OP, Freshly 
Chris Treter, Director, Higher Grounds Trading Co

Dave Byman, Head of Enterprise Sales, Label Insight 

Riddhi Shah, Global Manager User Experience, Z-Tech, part of AB-InBev
Tom McFadyen, President and CEO, McFadyen Digital

Charles Lazzara, President and Founder, Volio Imports

3:36pm ET

A Team Approach to Data Governance

Presented by EnterWorks


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"It’s great to see an event specifically for the Food and Beverage Industry focus on the real issues in transforming your customer’s digital experience."

—Gil Phipps, Chief Marketing Officer at Sprouts Farmers Market

The Best Brands In The World Attend:

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Our All-Star Speaker Lineup:

Santiago Merea

CEO, Co-Founder 

Raised Real

Emily Buckley

Senior Director Meals Portfolio


Matt Van Gilder

Director of eCommerce


Monica Czyzyk

Bazooka Candy Brands E-Commerce Sales Lead

The Topps Company

Linda Crowder

Sales Team Lead

Peapod Digital Labs

Rohan Panjiar

Director of Performance Marketing & Business Insights

Winc Wines

Daniel Ingram

Global Director of Trade Innovation

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Talia Wachtel

VP of Client Management

Tiger Pistol

Thomas Kurian

Director, Industry Solutions

Arm Treasure Data

Lindsey Garrett

Digital Marketing Manager


Chris Treter


Higher Grounds Trading Co

Dave Byman

Head of Enterprise Sales

Label Insight

Riddhi Shah

Global Manager User Experience

Z-Tech, AB InBev

Tom McFadyen


McFadyen Digital

John Winer

Global Head Of Ecommerce & Media

Living Proof, Inc.

Charles Lazzara

President & Founder

Volio Imports