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You will attend the sessions, meet our partners and gain access to valuable resources in our online conference center.

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No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. the sessions will be recorded and available for free for a limited time. 



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The future of the banking industry has never been more in flux than it is currently. Due to growing competition from physical and digital competitors along with changes in consumer habits that are occurring as COVID reimagines our daily lives, the technology you implement, the staff you hire and the physical layout of your branches must continue to be an important focus for banks and credit unions in 2020 and beyond. 

Whether you need the same amount of locations and what activities should occur in them are certainly things that need to be ascertained, but your customers and members need your help now more than ever and will want to continue to have a way to interact with your employees in some way that feels personal.

Join Future Branches and the WBR Insights team for our Q3 2020 Digital Summit, Facing the Future Head On: Tackling Branch Network Optimization In An Era of Accelerated Digital Transformation & Increased Customer Need. Featuring two days of 30-minute discussions from banking industry executives, stakeholders, and solution providers, you get all the insights of a full-day event without leaving your desk.



Day 1 [Tentative Agenda]

Opening Remarks

Speaker: TBD

12:00pm-12:10am ET

12:20pm-12:50pm ET

12:50pm-1:10pm ET

1:10pm-1:30pm ET


1:30pm-2:00pm ET

2:00pm-2:20pm ET

2:20pm-2:50pm ET

Speaker: TBD

Speaker: TBD

Speaker: TBD

Panel: COVID, Its Impact on Your Digital Transformation Timeline & the Path Forward 

Fireside Chat & Q&A:  Crisis Management Through COVID and Lessons Learned

Executive Presentation with Blend

Panel: Open, Close or Renovate: Using Analytics to Figure Out the Size and Shape of Your WHOLE Network

Panel: Giving Your Employees the Tools & Training to Help Customers Find Financial Success & Assuage Fears

The Ins and Outs of Investing in ITMs

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2:50pm-3:20pm ET

Presentation:  So, A Gen Z’er, A Gen X’er, a Millennial and a Baby Boomer Walk into a NEW Branch… Can You Serve Them All?

12:20pm-12:50pm ET

PANEL:  Community Outreach & Leadership and Its Impact on Your Branch Network

Presentation & Q&A: Seeking Guidance: Turning Your Branch Employees into Financial Therapists

Panel: Driving Operational Efficiency & Increased Profit Through Digitization in Branch

Fireside Chat: Effectively Using Digital Signage as Part of Your Branch Transformation Strategy

Fireside Chat: Make it Personal: Using Customer Data & Business Intelligence to Create Deeply Personalized Customer Experiences in Branch

12:50pm-1:20pm ET

12:00pm-12:20pm ET

1:20pm-1:50pm ET

1:50pm-2:20pm ET

2:20pm-2:50pm ET

Day 2 

Opening Remarks

2:50pm-3:20pm ET

Presentation: Merging High Tech & High Touch: Does Your Customer Come into Your Branch to Talk to a Machine?


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What is the Virtual Future Branches Event?

Facing the Future Head On: 

Tackling Branch Network Optimization In An Era of Accelerated Digital Transformation & Increased Customer Need

  • July 20-21, 2020

Every single session is totally free, no matter what. This is major value at ZERO cost.



"Wonderful opportunity to see, hear and understand how bank's are adapting their branches based on the significant changes taking place in our industry. " 



"I enjoyed the variety of presentations on topics relevant to our industry/market today.  Content is real and actionable.  Q&A opportunities make it possible to expand understanding.  

"I found the sessions to be very informative and was able to bring back valuable information to my team." 

Dave Schwertfeger

Senior Director Channel Optimization


Kris King

VP of Retail Operations


Brian Eitniear

SVP, Corporate Services

First Federal Bank of the Midwest

  • 12pm-4pm ET

With the convenience of multiple sessions throughout both days, log into the sessions you prefer. Listen in live, or access presentations and panel discussions on demand – it’s up to you!

Branch experts are coming together to discuss how to survive and thrive, in today’s banking landscape.See how expectations from customers customers are changing faster than ever before, new tech to combat change, driving loyalty, post-COVID engagement strategies and the best ways to solve your pain points, today.

Be Inspired. Learn From:

Shawn O'Brien

EVP, Consumer Banking 

Atlantic Union Bank

Erynne Hallock

Vice President for Retail Delivery


Billie Cardenas

COO, CXE Chief Experience Evangelist 

Sun Community Federal Credit Union

Daniel Keleher


Niagara’s Choice Federal Credit Union

Hillary A. Law

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

JSC Federal Credit Union

Kathy Jumper


Members 1st Credit Union

Arnold Sebastian

Program Director


Shon Aguero

Chief Banking Officer

Freedom First

Stephanie McClendon

EVP, Director of Retail Banking

First Federal Bank

Aleda Amistadi

Senior Vice President, Retail and Operations


Andrea Pruna

Chief Retail Officer


David Nohe